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EnCity Photo Gallery

YMCA - Age 5-7



See our campus, community, and Youth outreach in action with our Outreach Gallery.

Annalise and Garrett sitting in the chairs they made.



See our process and the people involved with the fabrication of our flat pack furniture in our Furniture Gallery.

Composite Decking


See the process and the people involved in the extrusion of our composite boards made from wind turbine blades in our Composite Decking Gallery.

Noah and Rigo making more mold boxes

Concrete Floor Tiles


See the people and process behind our custom process for pouring a new kind of flooring in our Concrete Floor Tile Gallery.

Ryan Edwards from Simpson Strong-Tie talking with our project and construction leads.

Safety and Training


See the team putting safety first and learning how to handle all sorts of great tools for the project in the Safety and Training Gallery.