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General Design


EnCity’s design strives to increase urban density while remaining sustainable and preserving comfort. Inspired by the tiny home movement, EnCity uses compact design to create a small, yet comfortable living environment. We are utilizing passive design principles for conservation at the earliest stages of design by placing the homes closely together on urban infill lots.

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Engineering Systems 


The EnCity roof design allows for maximized solar panel exposure which works together with a smart city grid to conserve energy between buildings. The water filtration system allows for rainwater and greywater to be collected and reused throughout the homes. Heat recovery vents reduce the energy use from heating and cooling throughout the seasons.

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Smart Home Systems


EnCity uses adaptive machine learning which enables it to predict and plan for energy use based on your daily routine. Mobile controls allow you to manage features of the home directly from your mobile device. The program also gives smart tips with ways to save more energy during your daily routine.

Learn more about our smart home systems here.



Market Potential


EnCity is designed for people with minimal belongings who are looking to set down roots in a new city. Situated within city limits, this home is ideally situated to capitalize on public transportation. The home not only decreases the impact on the environment through its design and materials, but also requires little to no energy draw from the grid resulting in minimal utility costs.

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