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General Design


Community Living


EnCity is designed for three or four tiny homes and a larger community building to be situated on one urban infill lot. Each of these buildings work together to share their resources using smart grid technology. When one house needs energy and another has extra, there will be a transfer. The same applies to water. The community will also be able to share a vehicle for carpools or errands that they can schedule with the phone app.



Passive Design


The foundation of EnCity’s design is – firstly – to save energy through passive design. The windows and skylights are an example of our passive design and have characteristics that reduce energy use. The window placement plays a role in having balanced radiant heat from the sun during winter and summer months. Each window is intentionally placed on opposite sides of the house that automatically open by our smart home system to allow cross ventilation throughout the house. Our utilization of thermal mass in our floor tiles helps to moderate the temperature change from day to night.



Interior Design


The interior of EnCity is centered around compact comfort. The floor plan takes advantage of every square foot in order to provide the same amenities that a traditional home would. Some of the most energy efficient and compact amenities and appliances have gone into these buildings. Furniture has been custom-designed to collapse into a smaller form or expand to accommodate more seats for people to gather around. 



Landscape Design


EnCity’s landscape is designed to highlight the nature of community the buildings embody. Shared patio space and walkways encourage connection which will help communities flourish and grow together. The community center’s kitchen opens itself up to the outdoors to create a larger indoor/outdoor entertainment area. The focal point for the outdoor area – a central green wall – is the first stage of our water filtration system. Water caught from the roof will trickle through the hanging plants and into the reflection pond below. Tall planters dispersed on the site will be designed to grow edible vegetables and fruit while providing convenient privacy from the street. The landscape as a whole is designed to transition between public and private spaces, providing a well-balanced environment for the community.