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Market Potential




EnCity is designed specifically for Spokane, Washington and the climate of Eastern Washington. This climate traditionally has both long hot summers and long cold winters. Annually, Spokane gets 19 inches of rainfall and 47 inches of snowfall. EnCity is designed to manage and withstand the extreme range of weather present in this climate. 


Target Niche


EnCity is designed for couples and individuals who have recently relocated to a new city. These young professionals are looking for an affordable place to live within the city limits in order to experience the vibrant city life and minimize their commute times. These homes are compact and efficient with low maintenance expense. Since they are built near public transportation, they provide ideal locations for recent graduates often with few belongings. They are great for people who want to live sustainably and support clean technology. Each home is equipped with everything one might need in order to live comfortably in the middle of the city, allowing enough space for one to two individuals – including occasional overnight guests.



Environmental Case


EnCity’s overall purpose is to make the lowest environmental impact possible. It is built entirely of environmentally-friendly materials,  few to none of which can be found on the Living Building Challenge Red list – a list of materials which contain harmful chemicals to the environment. EnCity is designed to maximize comfort while minimizing impact. The home is primarily made out of recycled or renewable materials. Our decking is made from recycled wind turbine blades and the structure of the home is made from a cross-laminated timber. By harnessing solar energy, this community is self-sufficient. It produces the energy needed to carry out daily activities while delivering unused energy back to the grid. The water systems ensure that water is conserved and reused, by capturing and treating rainwater to decrease the draw from utilities. EnCity’s unique location allows for convenient use of public transportation. Residents can move about the city with ease while reducing the number of vehicles on the road. The home is also designed for efficient use of land. Building on urban infill lots takes advantage of underutilized space within city limits by increasing density within the city, while reducing the impact that traditional residential developments call for.


Economic Case


Developing green living communities can be costly. By building on urban infill lots, EnCity minimizes costs associated with developing large plots of land and establishing water/sewer and power hookups. This leads to a more cost-effective approach to green development. Moreover, Encity’s solar power and water systems are designed to reduce consumption and in turn save residents’ money. It’s ability to collect rainwater collection and treat it is extremely efficient. The solar power system is designed to accommodate the collection of energy not only for use within the homes, but also excess energy can in turn be sold back to the grid during peak times. Buying and selling from the grid annually will result in an energy net zero balance, meaning that the homes are self-sufficient and do not require any more energy than they produce. This process will often result in making money on the sale of excess energy. In addition to savings on monthly power and water bills, the convenient access to public transportation is also financially ideal.