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Smart Home Systems


User Interaction


Each home will include both a digital control panel inside the house, as well as a mobile app that can be downloaded and used to program and interact with the home. Many features can be pre-programmed and controlled simply from a mobile device. The system can check and control many appliances – including the lighting and heating throughout the home – minimizing the financial toll and danger that come with accidentally leaving appliances on. Want your home to be a comfortable temperature by the time you arrive home from work? No problem. With EnCity, control of your heat settings is always at your fingertips.




Machine Learning


EnCity’s software is designed to recognize and adapt to the daily schedule of its residents. By knowing when it’s residents start their day, EnCity has the ability to turn on the water heater a few minutes before the resident might want to cook or take a shower. Since EnCity will know any time its residents leave or come home, it will constantly be signaled with the okay to buy or sell electricity from the grid. Once the home begins to recognize this pattern, it will have the ability to give recommendations to the resident on how they can save time or energy.


Smart City


EnCity works using smart city technology, which involves the sharing and management of resources in the community. When one building has extra electricity, it will check to see if another home might need more before selling it back to the grid. If someone won’t be home for many hours, but another resident is using a larger amount of electricity, the other home may contribute to the resident. This process can scale out to a city-wide interaction to manage resources more efficiently.